Ting-Tong Chang was born in Taiwan and received his MFA at Goldsmiths, University of London where he currently lives and works. Chang creates large-scale installation works that look to analyze the relationship between science, technology and society. Chang purposefully builds his installations to be like ‘machines’, which not only encourages audience participation, but also truly reflects the motivations behind his works. The themes explored in Chang’s installations echo his early life in a Chinese society focused on manufacturing, exportation and the materialism associated with an industrial area.  When Chang moved to the UK, his artistic style evolved to address the wider issues of consumerism in Western society and the environmental concerns that have stemmed from this dichotomist relationship. Chang describes his journey to the West as the move from one machine to another, from the production of products and the resulting pollution to a machine that generates profit and crisis. For Chang, the machine is a metaphor for a society where products, political discourse, and ideologies are produced. This relationship is revised using everyday materials and found objects in a way that stimulate new perspectives from which to perceive contemporary culture.

Chang’s process thrives on the tension between planned and random elements encountered through his live installations. The use of local construction materials by means of an abusive interaction with external arbitrary factors like time and natural conditions produces an installation that forsakes any predetermined output. All that emerges from these collaborations is embraced as part of the working process and become the fundamental tools redefining conventional notions. According to Chang, “The conventional idea is that machines are productive and efficient in order to take the place of a human.” Pairing grandiose with pathetic, he challenges this notion by making machines closer to what he sees as humans: anxious, quirky, idiosyncratic, and often unproductive. Based on the operation of his current creative practice, he uses his sense of humor to turn his thoughts of everyday happenings into a comedic performance about these human characteristics.

Chang has exhibited and received a number of awards internationally, with solo exhibitions at CFCCA Manchester(2015), Christine Park Gallery London (2016) and Asia House London(2016). He participated group shows and commission projects in Taipei Biennial, Saatchi Gallery, FACT Liverpool and Wellcome Collection. Chang’s major awards are Edinburgh Creative Initiative Award 2013, RBS Bursary Award, RISE Award 2016 at Art Central Hong Kong and Ibero-American Arts Award 2016. His works are collected by Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Embassy of Brazil London and Noblesse Collection Seoul.

Chang lives and works in London.

張碩尹(1982年、台北),倫敦大學金匠學院‭ (‬Goldsmiths University of London‭) ‬藝術碩士(MFA)畢,其創作跨及裝置、繪畫、表演與錄像,並結合科學、生物學、生物動力學(animatronics)等不同知識領域,以反應人與科技、與社會的關係.‭ ‬張碩尹的近期個展於倫敦亞洲藝術中心、倫敦Christine Park Gallery,曼徹斯特華人當代藝術中心、愛丁堡雕塑中心舉行,參與台北市立美術館、薩奇藝廊、惠康基金會、華沙當代藝術中心、莫斯科國立現代美術館群展與委託製作案.近期重要獎項包括愛丁堡雕塑中心Creative Initiative Award(2014)、英國皇家雕塑學會Bursary Award(2015)、香港Art Central博覽會RISE Award(2016),張碩尹作品受台北市立美術館、巴西駐英大使館、韓國Noblesse Collection典藏,與國際私人收藏。.

張碩尹目前工作與居住在倫敦,為英國皇家雕塑學會之獎助會員(Bursary Member).