Taipei Robot Man
Treasure Hill International Artist Village寶藏巖國際藝術村,2020

Through performance, installation and imagery, “Taipei Robot Man” explores the relationship between digital technology and traditional craftsmanship. During his period as artist-in-residence on Treasure Hill, Ting-tong Chang visited various recycling stations in Taipei and learned electronic repair techniques from onsite technicians. These “technicians” are a significant part of the electronic industry. They are a group of technological craftspeople. Although lacking professional training and equipment, these amateurs dismantle electronic waste using folk wisdom, endowing broken home appliances with new life.

By collaborating with these electronic repair technicians, “Taipei Robot Man” explored the relationship between craftsmanship and technology by tracing the lifespan of technology products, from their production through to consumption and finally disposal. This project endowed these disposed digital products with new value and thus provided them with the possibility of being re-produced and re-used.

Ting-Tong Chang combined learned-craftsman knowledge and collected-electronic waste to create this project. These mechanical installations danced, waved and illuminated with the vibration of sound. There is a sense of practicality in his visual language. It is interactive and develops into a platform, a field of noise.


《台北機電人》透過與電器維修師傅的合作,探討工藝與科技的關係,追朔科技產品從生產、消費、丟棄的生命週期,並為被淘汰的數位產品賦予新價值,提供再生產、再利用的可能性. 張碩尹以所習得的工藝知識,以蒐集而來的電子廢料為材製作作品;這些機械裝置舞動、發光、隨著聲響震動,其視覺語言中具備實用性,並與人產生互動,成為噪音聲場的場域。

評論 ↓↓↓


平面攝影:Uncle Photography,Charles-Henri Paysan


Video: Tubie Tsai

Photo: Uncle Photography,Charles-Henri Paysan

Performance: Dino

Special thanks to: Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation and the Carpenter's House